Christina Firestone Goes Full Throttle to Win The Ridge at Wellington’s Turf Tour 1.30-1.35m Jumper Class

Christina Firestone and Wilhelmus S.jpg

Wellington, FL – March 4, 2015 – The Ridge at Wellington’s Turf Tour visited Tonkawa Farms to kick off the ninth week of competition.  The sun shined all day over the gorgeous polo fields on the private estate.  Manicured hedges bordered the property and created a tranquil setting for the horses and riders to enjoy beautiful courses designed by Nick Granat in the main ring and Michel Ismalum in the second ring.  Many of the riders took advantage of the incredibly close proximity to the show grounds and nearby farms and hacked over.

Conor Swail rode several horses today in the 1.30-1.35m classes and set the time to beat on his winner from earlier weeks of the Tour.  Susan Grange’s Fortis Fortuna blazed around the course, stopping the clock at 31.708 seconds.  This pair’s time held up for the majority of the day.

Just before 2:30 p.m., Christina Firestone entered the ring aboard Graham Fletcher’s Wilhelmus S.  She flew around the track, giving Swail a run for his money.  When the clock stopped, there was a new leader for the $2400 1.30-1.35m class- the time read 29.917 seconds.  

Wilhelmus S is a new mount for Firestone, having just acquired the ride about a week ago.  “It’s really exciting to come out here and go this well.  The course rode great!  I love jumping on the turf; I think the horses go better on it.  They were really friendly courses, the striding was right on, and I didn’t have to question any of it.”  

Firestone was happy to be supporting the Turf Tour.  “We’ve been doing the same classes every week over at the other horse show, and I wanted to change it up.  It’s great that they have two rounds back to back, so that if you make a mistake in the first round you can go back and fix it in the next one.  I think it’s really nice that they have the friendly 1.40 Grand Prix on Friday, I’ll for sure be back for it!”

The second $2400 1.30-1.35m class was won by McLain Ward on HH Eli Cash for Double H Farm.  The world-class athlete piloted the 8-year-old to an unbeatable time of 30.291 seconds.  Ward made his jump off round look effortless, leaving out strides and wasting no time in the turns on his way to the victory.

McLain Ward and HH Eli Cash

McLain Ward and HH Eli Cash

Ward spoke about his mount that he has brought to many of the stops during the Turf Tour.  “He’s an eight year old, owned by Double H Farm.  I’ve just been developing him here in this series and he’s coming along quite nicely.  He’ll continue to compete in this series; he’ll do the 1.40 on Friday and probably do one more before the end of the season.  He’s an exciting talent.”    

He continued, “The course rode beautifully.  Nick Granat’s done an unbelievable job this whole season for the young horses.  The venues are spectacular.  Really for the young horses it’s a far better, more tranquil and more productive experience than the back rings at the other show.  It really gives them some great experience for the future so it’s really nice to have.”

Second went to Dafnina, ridden by Diego Gonzalez Cremer for Claudia Licousi.  As the last rider of the day, Diego did his best to catch Ward’s time, but fell short finishing in 31.096 seconds.  Third went to Miranda Scott riding her long time partner Quick Latinus, posting a time of 32.062 seconds.  

The Young Horse series, in partnership with Classic Champions, Inc., was highly successful today, with an abundance of entries into the 5,6 and 7-year-old divisions.  The 5-year-old division was dominated by Baloumerang SV, owned by Genevieve Edwards and ridden by Josh Dolan. McKayla Langmeier piloted Laney in the 6-year-old Young Jumper class to rack up another win for owner Linda Langmeier.  In the 6-year-old Young Jumper Championship qualifier class, Everton, owned by Wolver Hollow and ridden by Matthew M. Matell triumphed. The highlight of the day in Ring 2 was the $2000 7-year-old Young Jumper class. Skara Glen’s Prescence cashed in during that class, winning for owner Skara Glen Stables with Paul O'Shea in the irons.

Class: 201 - $2400 1.30M-1.35M Jumper Table II Sec 2b
Place     Entry     Horse             Owner         Rider
1.     472      HH Eli Cash         Double H Farm     McLain Ward
2.    830    Dafnina        Claudia Licousi    Diego Gonzales Cremer
3.    1574    Quick Latinus        Miranda Scott        Miranda Scott
4.     1243    Ciske Van Overis    Double H Farm    Quentin Judge
5.    1570     Fortis Fortuna    Susan Grange        Conor Swail    
6.    1579    Cruz Z            Wendy Ritter Peralta    Wendy Ritter Peralta
7.    1573    Game Ready         Susan Grange        Conor Swail
8.    1563    Cyon Z            Wolver Hollow    Matthew Metell

Class: 202 - $2400 1.30M-1.35M Jumper Table II Sec 2b
Place     Entry     Horse         Owner         Rider
1.     1595    Wilhelmus S     Graham Fletcher    Christina Firestone
2.    1598     information unavailable
3.    1570     Fortis FortunaSusan Grange        Conor Swail
4.    1247    Swagger    Centennial Farm    Debbie Stephens
5.    716    Cover Girl    Finca Horses Inc    Nina Fagerstrom
6.    1575    Tahiti Island    Blue Hill Farm LLC    Conor Swail
7.    1246    Chill Haze    Paul Yanke        Paul Yanke
8.    1591    Kodaline    Beth Underhill    Beth Underhill

Class: 101.  Low Schooling Jumper 1.1-1.15 Table II sec 2.2.1
Place     Entry     Horse             Owner         Rider
1.      1596    Royal Diamond    Linda Sheridan    Linda Sheridan
2.     1569    Catwoman        Tiffany Avon        Tiffany Avon
3.    1578     Kandice         Olivia Rathgeb    Olivia Rathgeb
4.    1576    WF Rocket        Windridge Farm    Taylor McMurtry

Class: 102.  Low Schooling Jumper 1.1-1.15 Table II sec 2b
Place     Entry     Horse             Owner         Rider
1.    1578     Kandice         Olivia Rathgeb    Olivia Rathgeb
2.    1580    Florien        Diana Walters    Diana Walters
3.    1567    Cadente        Arturo Altamar    Miguel Sarmineto
4.    1566    Napoleon        Fernando Cardenas    Katelyn Hess
5.    1568    Sokrates        Arturo Altamar    Miguel Sarmineto
6.    1569    Catwoman        Tiffany Avon        Tiffany Avon

Class 103. Medium Jumper 1.20-1.25m Table IV Sec 1
Place     Entry     Horse                 Owner         Rider
1.    1242    Kandel                Iron Horse Farm    Catherine Sullivan
2.    457     Airport du Chateau Hollogne Samantha Johnson     Sarah E. Wayda
3.    601    Contentus            Rian Miller        Sarah E. Wayda    
4.    1552    Virtuoso de Talma        Paul O’Shea        Paul O’Shea
5.    1581     Durosa W            Linda Langmeier    McKayla Langmeier

Class 104.Medium Jumper 1.20-1.25m Table II Sec 2b
Place     Entry     Horse                 Owner         Rider
1.     1587    Zuidam            Robert McNeel    Robert McNeel
2.    601    Contentus            Rian Miller        Sarah E. Wayda
3.    1555    Bachelor            Tequestrian Farms    Paul O’Shea
4.    1566    Napoleon            Fernando Cardenas    Katelyn Hess
5. (TIE) 1553 Skara Glen’s Prescence    Skara Glen Stables
5.(TIE) 1554 Gatsby 165            Whipstick Farm LTD
7.    1242 Kandel                Iron Horse Farm    Catherine Sullivan
8.    457 Airport du Chateau Hollogne     Samantha Johnson     Sarah E. Wayda

Class 501. 5-Year-Old Jumper
Place     Entry     Horse                 Owner         Rider
1.    1600     Baloumerang SV         Genevieve Edwards     Josh Dolan

Class 502. 5-Year-Old Jumper YJC Qualifying Class
Place     Entry     Horse                 Owner         Rider
1.    1600     Baloumerang SV         Genevieve Edwards     Josh Dolan
2.    1576    WF Rocket            Windridge Farm    Taylor McMurtry

Class 601. 6-Year-Old Jumper
Place     Entry     Horse                 Owner         Rider
1.     1582    Laney                Linda Langmeier    McKayla Langmeier
2.    1583    Edington            Kyla Makhloghi    Kyla Makhloghi
3.    1559     Expresso             Holly Caristo         Martha Redman

Class 602. $500 6-Year-Old Jumper YJC Qualifying Class
Place     Entry     Horse                 Owner         Rider
1.    1562     Everton             Matthew M. Metell     Matthew M. Metell
2.     1582    Laney                Linda Langmeir    McKayla Langmeier
3.    1583    Edington            Kyla Makhloghi    Kyla Makhloghi
4.    1552    Virtuoso de Talma        Paul O’Shea        Paul O’Shea
5.(TIE) 1559    Expresso             Holly Caristo         Martha Redman
5.(TIE) 1599    Diabolo D’esquelmes        Ronda Stavisky    Jennifer Ramsey

Class 701. 7-Year-Old Jumper
Place     Entry     Horse                 Owner         Rider
1.    1245    Carle                Paul Yanke        Paul Yanke

Class 702. $2000 7-Year-Old Jumper YJC Qualifying Class
Place     Entry     Horse                 Owner         Rider
1.    1553     Skara Glen’s Prescence    Skara Glen Stables
2.    1554     Gatsby 165            Whipstick Farm LTD
3.    1591    Kodaline            Beth Underhill    Beth Underhill
4.    1245    Carle                Paul Yanke        Paul Yanke